AWR is an app designed for the Art2Wear fashion show at NCSU where the audience can rate the looks as they walk down the runway. It also allows the designers to see the feedback on all of their looks. The audience also has the ability to look up bios and information about the designers and save their favorite looks.




Create a mobile app which facilitates collaboration between users within a selected community. Collaboration here means working together to achieve a specific goal. This could involve co-creation (text, image or sound-based) or it could function more as a tool for conversation and exchange of ideas. The collaboration could take place synchronously or asynchronously.


The most powerful collaborative apps don’t just help users achieve a common goal together. They build a a sense of community between the users. When users experience the app, they feel like they belong to something larger then themselves. The experience makes them happy—not frustrated, not bored. Happy. And connected.


Hint: the more narrowly you define your community and your community’s specific collaborative needs, the easier it will be to create an innovative app. Keep your app tight and focused; avoid scope creep. Don’t try to address every collaborative need. Focus on one or two core interactions.




As an Art2Wear Attendee, I want to participate in the show by voicing my opinion on each look.

As an Art2Wear Designer, I want to receive feedback on my work from the audience so that I can have a diverse perspective.



1. Julia Tumelo

Junior, NCSU majoring in Art + Design

Age: 21

Background: Parents are from Mozambique, grew up trying to assimilate to American culture, out of state student

Shops at: She is not a fan of the mall, prefers fair trade brands like Mata Traders

Enjoys: Altering and creating pieces to wear for herself, sketching and writing posts for her fashion blogs, attending Art2Wear every year

Hopes: Be a designer for Art2Wear, to represent Africa, successful women through fashion, to stand out and have her voice be heard

Television: Project Runway and cooking shows like Chopped

Personality: Type A and needs organization in her life to feel at ease, well dressed and bold with her fashion choices, headstrong and likes to take risks/challenges, works well by herself, very creative

Wishes to: Be involved with the creative community at NC State and to learn/be inspired

Experience: Self taught seem-tress, still learning about sewing, design and pattern making

“As someone who is interested in fashion and art, I find tons of inspiration at the Art2Wear shows. Art2Wear is truly where those worlds converge.”


2. Mindy Louise

Freshman, NCSU majoring in Education


Age: 18

Background: From a small town in NC, decided to go to state because of the diverse campus, in state student

Shops at: H&M Forever 21, Brandy Melville

Enjoys: Modeling (as a hobby), blogging and reading blogs about fashion

Television: Mad Men and Dr. Phil

Hopes: To become an elementary school teacher, still be involved in the fashion world, volunteer her time at local fashion shows

Personality: Extroverted, nurturing and organized, well dressed, very southern preppy, very put together and on top of things

Wishes to: Be involved with fashion shows on campus, potentially model (most likely help out at the show), expand her social circle of creative people

Experience: Modeled for friends (never professionally), self taught on the “rules” of fashion, volunteered at her high school fashion shows

“As someone who has a strong interest in fashion, I want to become involved in the fashion community on campus.”



As a junior, Julia has been attending Art2Wear since her freshman year. It’s an event she looks forward to every spring because she knows she wants to participate as a designer before she graduates. This year she has heard about a new app for art2wear attendees that allows them to vote on each look during the show. She loves this idea, since as a designer she always has an opinion. She feels it will enrich the experience of the already inspiring show and is eager to try it out.

Before the show she reads through each designer bio. She learns a little bit more about each line before they come down the runway, which allows her to view the looks differently as she remembers each designer’s inspiration and concept statement. As she is voting on each look, she appreciates not having to look down at her phone.

When a look she and her friend both loved came down the runway, they were able to show each other their screens to let each other know what they thought without whispering to each other during the show. She feels that being able to vote on looks makes her feel as if she were one of the judges, and allows her to watch the show more intently, paying attention to details she may have otherwise missed.

At the end of the show, she browses through each look and the ratings they’d received, and is surprised at some of the results — a puke colored pink number that she disliked actually scored high in the ‘color’ category. She figured that maybe her opinion wasn’t always the most popular, and decides that this app was definitely going to be a beneficial tool for her as she prepares to partake as a designer her senior year.



Context: Julia has heard about a new app for Art2Wear attendees that allows them to vote on each look during the show. She feels it will enrich the experience of the already inspiring show and is eager to try it out.


Emotional/Mental State:

Before the show: Anticipation, Curiosity, Eagerness, Excitement

During the show: Interested, Enlightended, Inspired, Amused, Impressed

After the show: Surprised, Inspired, Motivated




JouleBug: An app that motivates ecofriendly activities such as recycling, turning off lights to save energy, etc. that racks up points every time you ‘buzz.’ It unlocks different badges as you reach a certain amount of points. You can also create contests for a specific duration of time to see who can be most green.

GroupMe: The app allows you to message individual people within a larger group, while still being able to view everyone in the group.



1. Voting on a look

Call to action: Countdown on screen indicating when the show is going to start

2. Sharing results

Call to action: “View Results” button on the "End of Show" screen

3. Designer profiles

Call to action: Menu tab “Designers”




1. Maris Hall

Junior, NCSU majoring in Graphic Design

Attended Art2wear

• Did not realize the graphs represented individual outfits – thought it was time based

• Thought the information was kind of small and hard to read – on the results page

• Thought the general concept of voting on outfits made sense

• Understood the clicking on a button to rate it

• Didn’t know what the box at the top of the rating outfits page was

2. Eliza Eisenhardt

Junior, NCSU majoring in English

Never attended Art2Wear

• Thought the app was pretty straightforward, understood the photo at the top of the screen with buttons to vote at the bottom

• Confused at the end when you get to results page, there is no real direction telling you what to do

• Thought all the options of things to do on the page was kind of overwhelming and did not know how to proceed

• Would want to use the app if attending an event like art2wear

• Liked the “as the show is happening” concept because then you can give feedback while it is fresh in your mind and not relying on memory – so more accurate information

3. Erica Holmsen

Junior, NCSU majoring in Graphic Design

Attended Art2Wear

• Confused about the voting, hoping it will be different and not sure why it went to the results

• Got a bit lost after the “exit the show” feature

• Not sure how to handle when the audience likes it less then they do (because of the colors)

• Suggests to sign in to Facebook before hand so you don’t have to do it every time

• Wants to be able to search for outfits

• Not as linear and clear toward the end

• Suggest that you can add a comment to the inspiration board. (wants more than just looking at the photos)